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BANGLAMEGH, a managed private cloud platform (IaaS/PaaS), sets itself apart from its traditional counterparts by means of its exceptional features. The platform's team comprises highly experienced professionals who work tirelessly to design a resilient architecture that caters to your business needs and delivers unparalleled performance.

Experience the magic of BANGLAMEGH

An uncomplicated, yet powerful cloud system that places you and your booming festival at the forefront. Unleash the passion in your business endeavors as we handle the intricacies of your infrastructure and platforms, leaving you with ample time to truly immerse yourself in the heart of what you do best. Let the simplicity and effectiveness of BANGLAMEGH infuse your journey with excitement and zeal, so you can soar higher while we handle the rest.

Rapid Access With BANGLAMEGH
Superior Integration

Superior Integration

Superior Integration

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Superior Integration

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Superior Integration

Total Data Privacy & CyberSecurity

Superior Integration

Regulatory Compliance


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Empowering Your Business with BANGLAMEGH

Our Comprehensive Solutions

  • High-performance externally managed private cloud platform
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled Cybersecurity MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
  • Ransomware Free Backup and Restoration Service
  • BI Service for insights and competitive business decisions
  • Economic efficiency by delivering services at a low cost of ownership
Rapid Access With BANGLAMEGH

30 Global Data Centers

30 data centers across 4 continents for ultimate
availability and performance